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10 mistakes Property of Lady M. Lunch for My slave

My new slave had been begging Me for a long time about wanting to wear a chastity belt and be My complete slave. I wasn't so interested in him. Being busy with work and My website I never give him any time. Finally, one weekend after he begged a lot I invited him to serve Me for a while.

To My surprise I found that I liked him. he was well behaved, obedient and attentive to Me when he was serving Me, and I enjoyed the time we spend together. I decided to push the relationship to the next and collar him.

I ordered him to buy a stainless-steel chastity tube from Ms Lori, and to get a piercing as soon as possible which allowed Me to lock the tube in place in a very secure manner. After he was ready, I locked the tube on his penis for which only I had the key. We started out slow but soon I prolonged his periods of chastity up to seven months.

It drove him crazy, and often he begged Me for release, but deep down, we both knew that he wanted Me to take complete control of his sex life forever. Finally, the day came for Me to own him fully. I tied him to the bed, as usual, and removed his chastity tube. His penis, which had been cruelly confined for seven months, stood to attention and ached for release.

"Do I own this penis?" I asked him. "Of course you do, My Mistress." he replied. "So I completely control your erections and orgasms?" I asked. "Forever" he replied.

"Very well," I said, "then I have decided that you will be allowed ten more orgasms in your life." "Ten?" he exclaimed, "Only ten?" "Yes," I said, "and I can tell you exactly when they will be." When he asked Me how I could know that, I explained to him the program of gradually increasing periods of chastity I had devised. I even showed him the little chart I had made:

  1. orgasm: 6 month after your locking up date
  2. orgasm: 1 year after the 1. orgasm
  3. orgasm: 1,5 years after the 2.
  4. orgasm: 2 years after the 3.
  5. orgasm: 2,5 years after the 4.
  6. orgasm: 3 years after the 5.
  7. orgasm: 4 years after the 6.
  8. orgasm: 5 years after the 7.
  9. orgasm: 8 years after the 8. und the
  10. orgasm: 12 years after the 9. orgasm

I also explained him how his slavery will be controlled, "But there is a little twist, you see, when you make a mistake or disobey or annoy Me in any sort of way I will cancel your next orgasm. So in case you annoy Me now then I will cancel your orgasm in 6 month and you will wait another 1,5 years for your next orgasm, and that means you will have only 9 orgasms left in your life. Another mistake before your next orgasm will mean you will again wait, with only 8 orgasms left in your life. For each mistake I will cancel one orgasm. With 10 mistakes you will not have any orgasms left".

The look of fear in his eyes made Me wet. "Look on the bright side, My slave," I continued, "you can get your next orgasm in 6 months if you don’t make any mistake till then. But on the other hand, your tenth and last orgasm will be in 39,5 years, assuming you can still manage it by then."

i am the personal property of Lady M.. She owns me, mind, body, soul and estate after having taken possession of me many months ago by us both signing a formal ‘contract of slavery’. It was, indeed, a very simple document; everything I had irrevocably became Hers, to with as She liked. She took complete and absolute control; i, on the other hand, lost all rights, all possessions, left with absolutely nothing whatsoever to call my own. The signing ceremony was undertaken with two of Lady M.’s dominant friends present one evening. Immediately after the signing, i was stripped of all my clothes and a chastity device securely locked in place. Lady M. put each key onto a pair of large, hoop earrings so that they would always be humiliatingly visible to Her apprehensive slave.

A slave collar was next locked around my neck, and my wrists shackled behind my back. Heavy metal slave irons were then locked around my ankles, joined together by a strong, metal chain.p

The three Ladies sat at the dining table, where a sumptuous meal awaited them. i was ordered to follow, on my knees, and kneel next to my new Owner. The meal had been cooked by one of Lady M.’s many submissives, specially ordered to attend to cook the delicious meal. There was also a sissy maid present for serving. Heavily make-up, dressed in a very short, frilly pink dress and extremely high pink Stiletto Heels, which were buckled and padlocked, ‘she’ minced around attending to all their needs throughout the meal. i, of course, was completely ignored for most of the time, until eventually Lady M. picked something up off the table. Turning Her head slightly towards Her friends, She said, "My slave is probably hungry" (this was indeed true as i hadn’t been allowed anything to eat for the last two days). "Here Sophie", She ordered.

The sissy maid wobbled towards Her in 'her' High Heels and curtseyed to Lady M.

"Gag it", She commanded, whereupon the maid took the metal gag and approached me with a smirk on ‘her’ face. Sophie pinched my nose until my mouth opened, gasping for air. In a flash, the gag was inserted and secured around my head. "Good girl" my Owner said to ‘her’, patting the maid’s bottom. The gag held my mouth open a little which wasn’t too uncomfortable. Looking directly at me, Lady S. ordered me to open my mouth a bit more. As i did so, i heard a click. my mouth was now wider, but i was unable to close it as the ratchet arrangement on the gag only allowed movement in one direction … "wider".

Panic gripped me as i heard my Owner say, "wider slave". The other Ladies looked on fascinated and Sophie giggled. Plucking up courage to comply with Her order, and not wanting to make Her angry, i slowly opened my mouth a little further. Click. my mouth was now held much wider open, and it was rapidly becoming uncomfortable. "That will do for now slave", Lady M. remarked as She turned to finish Her meal. When they’d all finished, my Owner called Sophie over to Her and said, "feed it, you know what to do." Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the maid at a side table, scraping all the scraps and left-overs from the meal into a large bowl. ‘she’ seemed to take ages over the task, probably not daring to miss any in case Lady M. noticed. The three Ladies sat, smoking and drinking their liquer. Sophie wiggled over to them at the table and held out the bowl. Each Lady in turn then spat into the mess, and stubbed their cigarettes out in it.

The sissy maid approached me, bowl in one hand, a small wooden spoon in the other. "On your back slave" Lady M. ordered.; i struggled to get into the position, as my wrists were handcuffed behind me, but a few kicks from my Owner’s High Heeled Boots soon had me in the desired position. Sophie then squatted over me, so i was forced to look up ‘her’ dress which barely covered ‘her’ pink frilly panties. I watched in horror as the spoon was dipped into the bowl. The maid slowly raised the spoon and some of the ‘food’ dripped off onto my face. Unable to resist, ‘she’ shoved it into my mouth which with another click, forced my open mouth even wider. Without waiting for me to swallow the horrible, sticky mess, the loaded spoon once more entered my mouth. This was repeated until, at last, all the horrid tasting waste had gone, and Lady M. was satisfied. "Gag off now Sophie", Lady M. said, "so you can thank ‘her’ for feeding you slave." Once it had been removed, i had to say, "thank you for feeding this slave Miss Sophie", and then kiss ‘her’ shoes.

"Now listen slave", my Owner said, "sissy Sophie has been instructed to look after your needs, washing, shaving, toilet etc.. After all, you’ll not be able to do anything for yourself as you’ll always be in secure, restrictive bondage. Sophie’s first task tomorrow will be to remove all your body hair, and I do mean all slave."

"From now on, you’ll work for food!"

"And in return, you’ll be required to look after ‘her’ needs too. ‘She’ has My complete authority over you."

The sissy giggled again. my heart sank ...god, how I hated that pink prissy sissy, but worse was to follow ...much worse.

I had ordered My slave to meet Me for lunch at a fast food restaurant. Now I personally don’t eat that muck, but it’s certainly most suitable for My slave. It was quite a cold day so I was well wrapped up in My long fur coat, leather gloves and high, stiletto boots. I had instructed My slave to wear only shorts and a tee shirt, and to sit at a table outside to await My arrival. Naturally, I kept the slave waiting for some time; waiting for its owner increases the slave’s fear and anticipation of what may happen...

When I eventually arrived, I walked passed My slave and dropped a piece of paper detailing what it had to purchase. I sat down at an adjacent table. Slave picked up the paper from the ground and eventually returned with a tray consisting of a burger, fries, a cup of coffee for Me and an empty paper cup. Slave put the tray down in front of Me and returned to its place at the next table.

I slowly sipped My coffee watching My slave, head bowed, staring at the table as I’d instructed. Casually, I half chewed a couple of the fries before spitting them out onto the ground near the slave. "Get" I ordered. My slave bent down, picked the two soggy chips off the floor and placed them on the table. "Eat". Slave’s head lowered and began licking the fries from the table top as I had previously instructed it to do. The next fries I merely dropped onto the ground and ground them into the dirt with My high heels. ‘Get’ I again said. Once more, My slave retrieved the trodden fries and I kicked it two or three times while it was trying to scrape up all the remains.; This was repeated a few times as I finished My coffee.

My slave looked distraught as I got up and walked into the restaurant with the empty paper cup. "Stay" I ordered as I walked, not looking at My slave. When I returned from the toilet, the cup was nearly full. I could see the look of horror on My slave’s down turned face as I sat down and ordered slave to fetch another coffee. Slave scurried off back inside and soon returned with another cup of hot coffee for Me. Meanwhile, the burger and remaining fries were getting nice and cold. Smoking and sipping My fresh, hot coffee, I casually took the burger apart and poured some of My liquid from the paper cup onto the two bun halves. Slowly it sank in as I flicked the cigarette ash on top.; Then more was applied until it was lovely and moist. I could see My slave watching intently out of the corner of its eye as I stubbed My cigarette out on the burger before spitting on it and replacing it inside the bun. Next, I dropped it on the ground, and spiked it neatly with the heel of My boot. Slave let out a low groan. I smiled as I sipped My coffee and crossed My legs with the burger still impaled on My heel.

A few people passed by during this time and one guy even said, ‘excuse me, but you’ve got some food stuck on your boot’."Yes, I know", I replied, "it’s for My slave there." He grinned, glanced at My slave and walked away. (I wonder if he was in some way jealous? If so, what a missed opportunity for him – I would have really enjoyed humiliating two at once!).

Replacing My heels on the ground, I used wiped My boot sole on the still impaled bun. "Fetch." Slave stood up and had to kneel down in order to try a retrieve the impaled burger. Naturally, I didn’t make it particularly easy as it was firmly under My boots. "Please Madam" slave implored quietly. "Speak up slave, I can’t hear you." "Please Madam, may Your slave remove the food from Your Boots?" Slowly I lifted My boot toe, (it must have seemed ages for My slave, kneeling under the table), so it could carefully slide the burger off My heel.

slave placed the now cold, soggy burger on the bare table. Sitting down again, I watched My slave staring at it, with the heel hole neatly pierce through the middle. I picked up the paper cup and knocked the remaining fries onto the floor with My elbow. I got up and trod on them as I moved across to sit opposite My slave. Just pointing My gloved to the trodden mess I ordered slave to "get". I placed the sharp heels of My boots onto slave’s trainers, grinding and digging them until My slave started to squirm in pain.

In front of My slave was a pile of trodden French fries, a soggy burger and a cup half full of My delicious liquid. "Time for lunch slave" I said. I watched as My slave licked and sucked and chewed the mutilated food and drank the contents of the paper cup, all the time pressing My sharp heels onto the top of its feet. Slave was nearly crying by the time it had finished. I smiled; I’m really enjoying this I thought to myself. I got up, making sure My heels gave one last dig.

"Follow" I walked back to My car with My slave dutifully following behind. Slave opened the car door, I sat with My boots outside on the ground. Again I merely pointed to them. My slave knelt down and kissed each boot toe in turn. "Not good enough slave", I said, "the heels and soles need a cleaning." I was delighted to hear another soft groan as My slave set about the task. When I was at last satisfied, I kicked it out of the way to shut the door. Lowering the window before driving off I said, "nice coffee, must do this again soon." Through the mirror, I could see My slave getting to its feet. "Oh yes" I said aloud "really must do this again!"