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Chatity tease Part VII

My personal slave who is locked in his chastity device since more than 3 1/2 years, was begging a lot for a release. I tied his balls with a rope and allowed him to rub them on My stockings but unfortunately for him I did not remove his chastity device. he tried very hard to get a release but it only increased his frustration and was very embarrassing for him!

This video clip includes also a wonderful converstation between Me and My personal slave!

Boot slave Part IV

Mistress Monroe's personal slave is fixed with handcuffs at the desk in Her office. She orders him to clean the bottoms and heels of Her sexy boots while She is reading a magazine!

House slave Part I

Lady Monroe orders one of Her domestic slaves to clean the floor. his arms are fixed on his back and he has to take the scrubber in his mouth for cleaning. Lady Monroe relaxes on Her sofa and from time to time She checks his work while being very amused as he struggles to do his work.

Shoe sniffing Part I

After an exhaustive day Lady Monroe is relaxing in Her living room while reading a book. She is ordering Her slave to kiss her sexy high heels and feet. After some time Her slave has to take out Her stockings and massage Her feet. Then She puts one of Her stockings in his mouth and with the other one She fixes a shoe infront of his nose so that he has to smell the wonderful aroma of Her feet!

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